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In California, domestic violence is defined as a “violent confrontation that occurs between family members or between people who live together or are in a dating relationship.” Domestic violence cases most commonly occur between spouses, parents and children, and cohabitating couples.

The San Diego court system takes domestic violence accusations very seriously, and in some cases, an individual can be mistakenly implicated. Without a San Diego domestic violence lawyer on your side, you may face lasting consequences for a crime you didn’t commit.

To protect yourself against the prosecution, you need to establish a strong legal defense in a domestic violence case. This means working with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who handles domestic violence legal matters regularly. If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic violence, the Griffin Law Office is prepared to take on your case.

What to Do If You Are Facing San Diego Domestic Violence Charges

 When a person is falsely accused of committing an act of domestic violence, they must take action quickly to prevent the allegations from causing issues in their everyday life and from causing stress. So, they will need a domestic violence defense attorney to fight for them in court and to help them seek justice against the allegations.
Among other things, when you face accusations of domestic violence, any children may be removed from the home as a precaution. Following this potential situation, the spouse making the allegations may file a restraining order or protective order against you or what is called an order of peace. Then, he or she could file domestic violence charges against you that you and your criminal defense lawyers will need to combat in a courtroom.
You and your legal representation will need to convince the judge that you are innocent and have not committed acts of domestic violence. You may also face a trial in the court of public opinion where your family, friends, co-workers, neighborhood, and community could all rally against you. This is why it is important to make living arrangements, build up your support system, or find another source of income if you are let go from your job.

What to Expect When You Hire a Lawyer for Domestic Violence Charges in San Diego

 When you are accused of domestic violence, the best advice is to hire an experienced domestic violence attorney, even if you are innocent. The sooner your legal strategy is developed, the better chance you have of proving your innocence. The first thing they will do when you have criminal charges against you is to hire an expert witness.
Defense attorneys will use expert witnesses to how broken bones or bruising, for example, was not caused by the accused. The state of California legal team needs the alleged victim’s medical records to dispute the times or locations of where they were injured. Your attorney will find as many ways as possible to refute that the attacks were caused by the defendant.
When a lawyer has been hired to protect you against claims of domestic abuse and/or emotional abuse, they will begin damage control. The lawyer in San Diego county will mitigate the harm done by the other party when enough evidence exists to bring up charges where a trial will likely follow. You, who has been accused, will need character witnesses to attest to how they are as a person and assure the judge and jury you could not have possibly committed the act of violence, even if it is by circumstance, height, or strength. The attorney may then contact several professionals to give their testimonies as well as the hospital. Your legal team will need to dispute the criminal charges and tear down the prosecutor’s case little by little.
Since domestic violence charges can cause long-term damage to the accused individual’s reputation, the alleged perpetrator must use any means necessary to prevent further harm from occurring to them or their reputation.
This may involve garnering community support, the use of character witnesses to help convince others the allegations are false, and constant communication with your employer that the domestic violence accusation is not true. While you may not have child custody as children are typically removed from the home where you are living, this is to be expected. But you can also expect to possibly lose your job. Some people may want proof that you are innocent, so taking steps to prove it is what is important long-term.

Keeping the Peace & Defending Yourself Following a San Diego Domestic Violence Charge

 If you are facing domestic violence charges that are false, you should ensure that you do not commit acts that do anything to violate restraining orders or cause outbursts from the victim. Even a mention of you violating the terms of an order could make you present negatively when it comes time for court. Remain peaceful and keep away from the victim. Acting positively and following the rules will show the judge you are cooperating with your case. This will go a long way when proving your innocence.
Even if you are falsely accused of domestic violence, enough evidence could convict you and you may be seen as guilty. However, it is possible to use the defense that the plaintiff is emotionally unstable, which their family law attorney would have to refute. If they act irrationally or do not prepare for the case, it will be easier for the individual accused to prove that he or she is innocent.
It is important to build a strong relationship with your lawyer so they can help spin the false accusations on the so-called victim. The defense may have a positive outcome this way and help the accused avoid jail time and more damage to their reputation.

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At the Griffin Law Office, we strive to put ourselves in the position of our clients. We will work with you to fully understand your circumstances and achieve the best possible outcome. No matter your situation, our San Diego firm is here to secure your rights and your future.

To name a few things, our San Diego domestic violence lawyer is prepared to:

  • Conduct an extensive, private evaluation of your domestic violence charges;
  • Thoroughly describe your rights and legal choices to you;
  • Gather and secure exonerating evidence; and
  • Craft a completely individualized legal defense strategy.

A Domestic Violence Lawyer San Diego Explains: Domestic Violence A-Z

Domestic violence consists of threatening, beating, sexual assault, or other harm to another family or household member. Angry words can result in a push or slap, then intensify to other types of physical, emotional, or psychological abuse. The following are some of the most common domestic violence charges our firm handles in domestic violence cases:

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In California, under domestic violence laws, police have the authority to apprehend a suspect for domestic violence even if the supposed victim denies that they were harmed, on the theory that a victim might be too scared to file charges or will lie to protect the aggressor who committed domestic violence.

If you or a loved one are facing domestic violence charges in San Diego, California, you should take action to safeguard your civil liberties as soon as possible. Do not answer any questions until you speak with a skilled domestic violence lawyer. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.