Jails in San Diego

Jul 26, 2019 | News

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Below is a list of the primary detention centers in the San Diego area and brief descriptions of their services. If you were recently convicted of a crime and need to review your options for post-conviction services, read on to find out how Griffin Law can help.


  1. East Mesa Reentry Facility

The East Mesa Reentry Facility is a medium-security facility that runs reentry services for the Sheriff’s Department. The grounds span eight acres and buildings include six housing dormitories, recreation areas, a mess hall, and several classrooms. There is also an on-site counselor, medical personnel, and probation and administrative offices. Inmates assigned to EMRF have the unique opportunity to work in the Landscaping Program, which allows them to work on and maintain the grounds of the facility and learn landscaping skills. Inmates at EMRF are provided with opportunities to work and earn other incentives due to their lower classification levels.


  1. Facility 8

Facility 8 is a medium-security detention facility. The amenities include a newly refurbished exercise yard for recreation or exercise, as well as a renovated multi-purpose room used for drug-dependency counseling, religious services, and educational programs. This facility was among the first in the area to install touch screen technology, including new high-definition camera systems to help monitor inmate activities. Inmates have access to daily call/consultation from a nurse, a weekly call with a doctor, a weekly psychiatric wellness call, and prescription services.


  1. George Bailey Detention Facility

The George Bailey Detention Facility is a maximum security facility, and the largest of all facilities operated under the San Diego County Sheriff’s jurisdiction (it has the potential to provide services for 1,380 inmates). The detention center includes a medical clinic, six housing units, a processing center, and an administrative area. There is also a wide range of services available for inmates, including food services, religious services, medical care, counseling services, laundry and supply options, administrative support, detention processing assistance, and maintenance support.


  1. Las Colinas Detention Facility

The Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility is the primary detention center housing female prisoners in San Diego County. The facility is relatively new (opened in 2014) and implements new strategies for inmate booking. The new model replaced the traditional booking system, which required inmates to shift between holding cells as they progressed through the booking process. The new approach allows inmates to be seated in an open seating area—where they have access to telephones and restrooms—while waiting for medical screenings and other appointments. The new booking area also features a full-body scanner, which has simplified drug detection. The facility also emphasizes reentry services to help prepare inmates to reintegrate into the community when they leave.


  1. South Bay Detention Facility

The South Bay Detention Facility is a non-booking facility that has the capacity to support 386 inmates and includes both high and low-level inmate monitoring. It is one of the less populated jails in San Diego County and can be successfully run by 12 deputies and a single watch commander. Professional support staff includes physicians, nurses, a full-time counselor, and detention processing staff. Support groups of the facility include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, which are available to all inmates. The meetings are led by bilingual, certified instructors.


  1. San Diego Central Jail

The San Diego Central Jail is the primary jail servicing male prisoners in San Diego County, and it is among the largest facilities (approximately 69,000 new bookings are initiated each year). The detention center’s capacity requires a large support staff; over 200 employees and another 200 staff members support daily activities at the center. The building itself is technologically sophisticated and includes a central control center, which can electronically manage all center operations in the event of an emergency. The center itself is over 200 feet in height, making it the tallest construction project ever undertaken by the County of San Diego.


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