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Facing a second offense driving under the influence (DUI) charge in San Diego can be a daunting experience, and the consequences can be severe. However, you don’t have to navigate this legal terrain on your own. Griffin Law Office, APC, is here to help you secure the best possible outcome in your case with our experienced 2nd offense DUI attorneys in San Diego.

Second Offense DUI Law in San Diego

Understanding 2nd Offense DUI in San Diego

In California, a second offense DUI, also known as a “2nd offense DUI,” is a serious legal matter. The state’s laws are strict when it comes to repeat DUI offenders. A second DUI offense carries significantly harsher penalties than a first-time DUI conviction. These penalties can include:

Mandatory Jail Time: A second offense DUI in San Diego can result in mandatory jail time, ranging from 96 hours to 1 year, depending on the circumstances of your case.

License Suspension: Your driver’s license will likely be suspended for two years. However, it may be possible to obtain a restricted license for driving to work or school after a one-year suspension.

Ignition Interlock Device (IID): You may be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, which measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) before allowing you to start your car.

Probation: You will be placed on probation, which includes mandatory alcohol education programs and compliance with court orders.

Fines and Penalties: A second offense DUI conviction can result in hefty fines, court fees, and other financial penalties.

Criminal Record: A second DUI conviction can have long-lasting consequences, including a criminal record that can impact your personal and professional life.

Why You Need a San Diego Second Offense DUI Lawyer?

When you’re facing a second offense DUI charge, the importance of hiring an experienced attorney cannot be overstated. Griffin Law Office, APC, has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable 2nd Offense DUI attorneys in San Diego who are committed to protecting your rights and guiding you through the legal process.

Customized Defense Strategies

Each DUI case is unique, and at Griffin Law Office, we recognize the importance of tailoring defense strategies to your specific situation. Our 2nd Offense driving under the influence attorneys in San Diego will thoroughly review the details of your case, including the arrest, police procedures, and evidence, to build a strong defense.

Protecting Your Rights

We are committed to protecting your rights throughout the legal process. Whether it’s challenging the legality of the traffic stop, the accuracy of field sobriety tests, or the validity of the breathalyzer results, our San Diego second offense DUI lawyers will leave no stone unturned to defend you.

Minimizing Penalties

Our goal is to minimize the consequences you face. We will work diligently to negotiate reduced charges, secure alternative sentencing options, or explore opportunities for expungement down the road. Our experience in dealing with 2nd offense DUI cases allows us to navigate the legal system effectively.

Clear Communication

At Griffin Law Office, we believe in clear and open communication with our clients. We’ll explain your rights, the legal process, and the potential outcomes of your case, ensuring you are well-informed every step of the way.

Your Second Offense DUI Legal Team

When you choose Griffin Law Office, APC, as your San Diego second offense DUI lawyers, you’re not just hiring attorneys; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to safeguarding your future. Our commitment to excellence and tireless advocacy for our clients sets us apart. Here are a few key qualities that define us:


Our 2nd Offense DUI attorneys in San Diego have a wealth of experience handling DUI cases, including second offense charges. This experience provides us with invaluable insight into the local legal landscape and how to navigate it effectively.


We are results-oriented, with a track record of obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients. Our goal is to minimize the impact of a second offense DUI conviction on your life.

Personalized Service

At Griffin Law Office, you are not just a case number. We provide personalized attention and tailored legal strategies to address your unique circumstances.


We understand that facing a second offense DUI charge can be an emotionally challenging experience. Our attorneys approach your case with empathy and compassion while remaining steadfast in our commitment to defending your rights.


We are readily available to answer your questions, provide updates on your case, and offer guidance whenever you need it. We want you to feel supported throughout this legal process.

Our DUI Attorneys Also Focus on The Following Areas:

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If you’re facing a second offense driving under the influence charge in San Diego, don’t wait to seek legal representation. Griffin Law Office, APC, is here to help you. Our San Diego second offense DUI lawyers are ready to stand by your side, fight for your rights, and work toward the best possible outcome in your case.

Remember, you don’t have to face this challenging situation alone. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case with our experienced 2nd Offense DUI attorneys in San Diego. We’re here to provide you with the legal counsel you need during this difficult time.

Don’t let a second offense DUI derail your future. Contact Griffin Law Office, APC, your trusted San Diego second offense driving under the influence lawyers, and let us guide you through the legal process with skill, dedication, and a commitment to protecting your rights.

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