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Griffin Law Office has an unmatched record of satisfied clients. This includes perfect client ratings on Yelp, AVVO, Facebook, and Google. Our list of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

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Griffin Law Office, APCGriffin Law Office, APC
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So stoked I found Patrick. I met with a few criminal defense attorneys but I felt comfortable with Pat right away. He is easy to talk to and we immediately talked about what might happen and how the case may play out. Turns out everything he said in our consultation turned out to be true. It was a dui  (I’ve always been careful about drinking and driving but my bac somehow came back at a .09) I had the choice between a plea but I made the decision to go to trial and am glad I did. Patrick did a great job using all the breath tests together show I was actually under .08. Even though I won’t ever need a dui attorney again I would call Patrick if something happened. Thanks man!

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Client- Z.C.


Patrick Griffin is a true, compassionate professional. He and his firm, have provided excellent legal counsel for our business in the past. I would highly recommend his time and service. Happy to now call him a friend too!

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Client- R.G.


Where to begin with Patrick. He is by far the best attorney in San Diego in my opinion.I got a DUI in January, I was very lost and wasn’t sure what to do. I searched and went to two different attorneys who made everything sound like it wasn’t a big deal PLUS asked for a huge down payment. With Patrick on the other hand he got started on my case the second I left his office. He kept me updated weekly or anytime important information came up. He’s also super flexible on payment plans. I was in a pretty big hole to begin with and he totally understood and worked with me to the fullest extent. As stressful as my situation was, he reassured me and let me know exactly what was going down and how it would happen. He keeps it 100% honest and real with you. I’m super grateful I found him, I was referred to him by a few friends who he also helped out and they told me he did an amazing job. He doesn’t make you feel like it’s all about the money he makes you feel like the important part is getting the ball rolling with your case and makes a real personal connection with you unlike other people. I won’t forget to mention Sandra cobian who is the paralegal for his office. She does an outstanding job organizing everything, giving you calls whenever things change, and also having a personal connection with you. Super cool people, I recommend them to anyone and everyone who is out in a situation like mine!

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Client- H.H.


Patrick Griffin not only got us through a difficult situation, he was there to answer questions any time, his follow through was excellent and he went above and beyond what might usually be expected. He is an excellent professional whom I highly recommend.

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Client- B.F.


Patrick helped us in a crisis. He was fast and knew exactly what to do. Easy to reach and responsive. Now the future is bright since he resolved the problem with the best possible result we could have asked for. If you have a problem in San Diego, call him. You will be happy that you did.

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Client- A.B.


Patrick was awesome!  After making a stupid mistake which wound up in an unintentional arrest which haunted me & my partner for 2 years, Patrick & his Assistant Madelynn were very helpful and able to go through the correct connections and process to have our case thrown out as if it never existed.  We’re so relieved that we found Patrick and he handled our case with the best results!  Thanks Patrick & Madelynn!!

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Client- D.P.


“Quality Service That Delivers Results”

We sought out legal services when we decided to buy out our previous business partners earlier this year and could not be happier that we went with Griffin Law Office. Patrick is very knowledgeable and always accommodated our busy schedules. His expertise made the buy out process seamless and we still continue to use his service regularly on a business and personal level. He has helped us with general legal advise for new partnerships and contracts we have been presented with as well as creating custom contracts and agreements for new ventures we have taken on since the buy out. I have worked with lawyers in the past but have never come across someone like Patrick. His attention to detail and genuine care for his client’s needs are unmatched. He is very easy to get in touch with for emergencies or even just a simple question. When our landlord presented us with a lawsuit last week we immediately picked up the phone to give him a call. He got right on the case for us keeping us informed on every bit of progress he has made on the case. It has been a burden off our shoulders since Patrick stepped in. We highly recommend his services to anyone needing legal services whether business or personal.

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Client- C.


Wouldn’t go to any other lawyer now that I have hired Patrick to fight, and WIN my case!!

Patrick got my entire case dismissed! I was almost sure we would lose but I am glad that I listened when him when he told me that the case was winnable. He always called me back the same day, answered my emails in a quick and timely fashion, and kept me in the loop with everything pertaining to my case. He also was helpful in the fact that he gave me pointers on how to handle MY particular case: what to do, what to say, and how to act. Thanks Patrick!

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Client- J.


This review is long overdue. I made the dumbest mistake of a lifetime and was driving at a crazy speed on the freeway on my bike. I didn’t see a cop behind me and he thought I ran from him when I was just listening to music and he saw my plate. I didn’t know about the for a few months and then found out in the mail that I was being charged with felonies for high speed evading and reckless driving. I was super surprised by this and even though I had got into a little trouble when I was younger I didn’t understand the bind I was in. I hired another criminal defense attorney to defend me. He seemed like the right guy and was expensive but I never felt he had my back . He didn’t return calls and sent another lawyer to my hearings. He told me to pleed guilty over and over again because the cop caught the whole thing on video but I didn’t see the cop behind me so I told him I couldn’t plee guilty. The DA wanted me to spend 16 months in jail for this and I couldn’t do that because of my job. After my preliminary hearing I decided I needed to look for another lawyer. I got on yelp and called a few lawyers. Pat was at the top of the list and he was the first person I spoke with. He met with me right away and I could tell he knew his stuff. He asked all the right questions and was actually interested in helping me beat the case. Best choice I ever made was to fire my old lawyer and hire Pat. I didn’t realize how screwed I was until I started seeing a real lawyer work. Turns out my old lawyer didn’t even file a motion to see if the cop has a history of lying. The DA still wouldn’t budge so we went to a jury trial which lasted 4 days. Pat is a great trial lawyer, he fought day in and day out for me and it was clear he was personally invested in my case and knew more than the judge or the DA about the rules. I felt that he wanted to win more than anyone. The jury did convict me on a charge but I ended up getting a probation sentence- which was much better than the 16 months in jail the first lawyer wanted me to take. If you are ever in a bind and need to go to trial call Pat.

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Client- C.M.


I am happy to write a review and recommend Patrick to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer. I was lucky that I knew exactly what kind of lawyer Patrick was before I even hired him because I was a juror on a DUI trial where Patrick was the defense attorney. It was my first time as a jurror and I wasn’t too thrilled that I had to miss work for a DUI trial.   I never thought i would actually need a lawyer one day but I am glad I knew exactly who I was going to call. A couple things that stood out in the trial I watched were how much confidence Patrick had with the court rules and how much he seemed to care about his client. His closing argument was pretty emotional and most all of the other jurors made some sort of comment about how talented he is. We voted not guilty because the cop got caught in a bunch of lies and even put his client in a cop car with blood from the last person he arrested all over the back seat. My case did not have a trial because it was just a driving on suspended license case but I am more than happy with my experience as a client. If you are need talented criminal defense attorney I suggest you call Patrick. Thanks!

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Client- L.Z.


So I got into some trouble about a year ago now.  I looked at yelp and went to visit 2 highly rated criminal defence lawyers one of which was Patrick.  I was very impressed with what he had to say however a friend of mine strongly suggested I use another attorney that he knew and based on his suggestion I did.  I went through all of the preliminary phases with this person but after reading and hearing his case for our motions made to the judge which I felt based on the evidence we should have won.  I felt when it was over that if he had been properly prepared we probably would have won.  Now I faced the prospect of going to trial with someone who I did not feel was giving my case the proper amount of attention which I was not willing to do.  The offer on the table at this point was 4 yrs which I felt was insane!

So I searched my history and found the guy who I had felt most comfortable with originally which was Patrick.  I called him up and explained my situation.  He agreed with me that my lawyer should have done a much better job with the motions which were my best chance at beating the case.  Unfortunately they cannot be re heard again except on appeal.  I decided that I wanted to go to trial.  At the final readiness hearing they made an offer of 1 year which Patrick told me to strongly consider because my liability could be as high as 7 years if I went to trial and lost on all counts.

I decided not to take the offer and to put my faith in Patrick to go to trial.  About 3 weeks out from the start of trial Patrick began preparing for the case.  He kept me very involved and I felt he was doing a very good job.  The D.A obviously thought so too because about a week before trial he called him and dropped all of the serious charges, I plead to a simple misdemeanor and it was over!  I cannot say enough about Patrick, he did a fabulous job and I’m eternally grateful for allowing me to put this whole nightmare behind me!

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Client- J.L.


I highly recommend Patrick to help you with your criminal case. He has never let me down and is on top of everything. Also Patrick made me feel confident and well informed even in my darkest and hardest times. For example, during my case for a battery charge i was going through health issues and was at the lowest point of my life. He made me feel like his top priority and reassured me that he would take care of everything so i didnt have to show up in court. In the end Patrick got my charge dropped to disturbing the peace. Also when i was tight on money he worked with me on the payment arrangements. Patrick was kind and very understanding to my situation. I also had a prior case involving a hit and run years ago and he got it dropped! Hes amazing and im so glad i picked him to represent me.

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Client- A.A.


Within a few minutes of meeting Patrick Griffin, I knew I wanted him to represent me. Patrick came off as passionate, driven, an attorney who would fight till the end for his clients. I’m so happy that I made that decision. My case involved “resisting arrest” and Patrick did a fantastic job defending me resulting in complete dismissal of the charge. Not only does he have the expertise and passion, he has also built relationships with the prosecutors and judges, which is very important in any criminal defense case. He has been attentive, friendly, and unlike several other lawyers that I have consulted made me feel that I was not to worry and that I was in good hands. Thanks again Patrick, you are a fantastic criminal defense attorney and in case I ever need legal help, you will be the man I call.

What do you do when you find yourself on the other side of the law and you know you are innocent. What do you do? Well this happened to me and I was in shock that this was happening to me. The first thing you get is tons of junk mail from lawyers who promise really nothing. I decided to research Yelp! and I am glad I did. If not my life might be a bit different and I would not be writing this letter today. Looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer. Patrick Griffin was a name that came up with many 5 star and honest reviews. I decided let’s give him call. I spoke with Mr. Griffin over the phone and he invited to his office to discuss my legal matter in more detail. I met with Mr.Griffin at his Law Office and discussed my case with him. I was very pleased and confident speaking with Mr.Griffin that he would do his best to ensure a positive outcome. I was surprised that his rates were very affordable and payment plan was very within my budget. I hired Patrick as my Criminal Defense Lawyer and I am very happy I did! Patrick kept me informed how my case was proceeding and at times when I was unsure, scared or had a question Patrick was there to answer my questions. The end result was that my case was dismissed. I give thanks for all the hard work to Patrick Griffin and his Law Office. If you ever find yourself between a rock and a hard place. I highly recommend Patrick Griffin to handle your case. Patrick Griffin will handle your case with professionalism, confidence, compassion and knowledge of the law.

Client- R.R.


Patrick got my entire case dismissed! I was almost sure we would lose but I am glad that I listened when he told me that the case was winnable. He always called me back the same day, answered my emails in a quick and timely fashion, and kept me in the loop with everything pertaining to my case. He also was helpful in the fact that he gave me pointers on how to handle MY particular case: what to do, what to say, and how to act. Thanks Patrick!!

Client: J.H.


My husband was referred to Patrick. We are SO thankful we found him! My husband had a case against him where he potentially could have paid big fines or penalties, but Patrick basically got the entire cased dismissed. Everyone else involved in the case had to plead guilty! He worked aggressively, always communicated with us about what was going on and what was going to happen, is very pleasant to deal with and made my husband feel valued despite the situation. If you are looking for a good Lawyer, Patrick is awesome!

Client: W.Z.


A few months ago I was asked by a friend for the name of a lawyer who handles DUI’s in San Diego. As a fellow attorney in San Diego I have many lawyer names in my rolodex who handle such cases, but I thought Patrick would be the best “fit” for my friend. Patrick met with my referral on multiple occasions, always answered his e-mails and calls on a prompt basis, and ultimately achieved an amazing result on a ca se which was definitely an uphill challenge. Great job Patrick!

Alex Dychter, Employment Law Attorney


Patrick Griffin is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer, who knows both the legal intricacies and interpersonal dynamics of criminal matters essential to mounting a successful defense. Mr. Griffin is a consummate professional, who acts with civility and integrity while achieving the best outcome for his clients. I recommend Patrick’s services unequivocally.

Kevin Murphy, Administrative Law Attorney


Patrick was great! I hired Mr. Griffin after a friend referred me to him. I met with a few older attorneys who all treated me like another file before I decided to hire Patrick. He was great from the start… he knows his stuff and is a great communicator, both with me and when he is in court. His energy is obvious from the first few minutes of meeting with him. I was kept informed every step of the way and when it was all said and done I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I have already referred two other people to the Griffin Law Office and they both have thanked me.

Client: C.J.


Patrick has everything it takes to be a preeminent lawyer in the field of criminal law. He has the academic skills that he exhibited on several successful appeals to the 11th Circuit but he also has the honesty and integrity that are indispensable to a criminal practitioner. His ease in dealing with people is not lost on jurors. An individual charged with a crime could not find a lawyer better suited to represent them or more willing to do the hard work that such representation involves.

Patrick Doherty, Criminal Defense Attorney


I was arrested for a DUI with a really high breath test. I didn’t want to hire an attorney because I thought that I would be guilty no matter what and it seemed like a waste of money. I have a 9-5 job in Orange county and I knew that going to court all the time would be a pain so I decided to hire Patrick. Rather than charging a big upfront fee he made it so I would only pay according to how far the case went along. This worked out great because a plea agreement was reached a few weeks after the first court date and I didn’t have to miss work. This was my first time being arrested and Patrick was great about explaining everything.

Client: C.G.


Patrick helped with my DUI, and pulled off a wet and reckless for me when the odds were stacked against me. His professionalism is not to be questioned, he made sure I was tended to every step of the way, and was not only proactive throughout my entire ordeal, but reactive in helping address my concerns at virtually any hour of the day. At this point, beyond our professional relationship, I consider Patrick a friend I confide in. Hiring Patrick is worth it’s weight in gold, so at the very least, you owe it to yourself to consult with him and feel him out for yourself.

Client- A.K.


Patrick has been by far the most helpful lawyer. I was pulled over by a officer for ”J” walking, and being under the influence. Once I was in the holding cell I was involved in a physical altercation where I was than charged for assault. Patrick was able to help me find a program that was suitable for me to avoid spending any time in jail. I got a second chance to live right and definitely corrected my actions.

Client: W.C. (Charge: Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Felony Assault, Felony Battery with Great Bodily Injury | Result: PC1000, Disturbing the Peace)


Patrick Griffin is, hands down, the most vigorous, aggressive, and approachable, criminal defense attorney I’ve ever met. I had a simple accidental misfire of my handgun, while about to clean it in my house. Cops were called, and I explained everything that happened, and made peace with the neighbors who own the other side of the wall I shot accidentally. Several Months later, I was arrested and thrown in Jail not knowing what was going on. Turns out the wonderful police detectives who interviewed me, twisted things around and made things look worse than they actually were; therefore, inducing the DA to take my case and pursue it, since it looked like a ‘slam dunk’ case. If I were to attack these felony charges by my lonesome, I’m 99% sure I’d end up in Prison, as that was the minimum penalty, as this was a felony offence, IF they could prove the major element: Did he or did he not deliberately fire his weapon off.

Client: D.B. (Charge: Felony Discharge of a Firearm | Result: Charge Dismissed)

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