California Domestic Violence Lawyer

Even a first offense can have severe consequences, and a California Domestic Violence Lawyer can provide an expert defense for both misdemeanor or felony charges.

California Domestic Violence Lawyer

Most people love their families, but everyone knows that occasionally things spin out of control, they do something that they regret, and they need the help of a California domestic violence lawyer. Abuse or violence against a spouse, domestic partner, or member of the family is considered domestic violence.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, you can consult domestic violence lawyers or those who practice family law for a personal assessment of your case. The National Domestic Violence Hotline offers 24-hour, confidential support to anybody in the United States. The phone number is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233 ). However, if you feel your life is in immediate risk, you should call 911.

The CA court system takes domestic violence claims seriously, and sometimes individuals are falsely accused and even convicted. Whether or not you feel you have committed a crime, if you have been arrested for issues that involve physical abuse, you should call a California domestic violence lawyer like Patrick Griffin of the Griffin Law Office for legal advice.

Working with a Domestic Violence Attorney

Hire a domestic violence attorney if you have been accused of threatening, beating, sexually attacking, or otherwise harming a member of your family or household. Sometimes, angry words are exchanged and in the heat of the movement, there is a push or slap. In some cases, things can escalate to even more serious physical, mental, or psychological abuse.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you could face serious prison or jail time and costly fines. You may receive a restraining order, dictating that you must avoid contact with the alleged victim and their home, work, and vehicle.

You should consult a skilled California domestic violence lawyer with ample experience to review the evidence, advise you of your options, and recommend a criminal defense tailored for your legal case.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges

What are domestic violence charges? It is domestic violence when someone commits crimes of violence that result in physical injury to a relative or person residing in the same home. The crime of “domestic violence” covers a set of laws rather than a single California law. The most common of these offenses include:

A knowledgeable San Diego or Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer might be able to have a charge of domestic battery reduced to a lesser offense or dropped entirely if the action in question occurred while the accused was defending him or herself.

As a defense attorney, Mr. Griffin strives to view the situation from the perspective of his clients to understand their positions and work towards the absolute best possible outcome. No matter the circumstances surrounding your domestic violence case, a professional California domestic violence lawyer experienced in criminal law will give you the best chance of securing your rights and your future.\

Domestic Violence California

From a legal perspective, domestic violence California suggests force or violence enacted by the accused against individuals with whom she or he has a close relationship. These laws are designed to offer security to those individuals seen as vulnerable to retribution from the alleged offender if they bring the matter to the attention of the authorities.

Those who are protected by these laws include:

  • Children
  • Cohabitants
  • Family members
  • Fiancees (current and former)
  • Significant others (current and former)
  • Spouses (current and former)

District attorneys are offered a great deal of leniency using California law to pursue the optimal sentence possible in domestic violence cases, even if the injury caused was minimal or the accused was a minor.

If you or a loved one is facing a domestic violence conviction, immediately contact an experienced domestic violence law firm with practice areas in the city of Los Angeles, or a juvenile defense attorney in San Diego if the defendant is a minor.

Is California Domestic Violence a Felony?

If you are accused of harming a member of your household, you are likely wondering, “Is domestic violence a felony?” The penalty for a domestic violence conviction is based on the particular criminal offense you are charged with. In cases of domestic battery under PC 243(e)( 1), the prosecutor will pursue a misdemeanor conviction. If you are founded guilty, you will be sentenced 364 days in county prison and a fine of as much as $2,000.

If you are convicted of inflicting corporal injury on a partner or cohabitant under PC 273.5, depending on the details of your case, district attorneys might charge you with either a misdemeanor or domestic violence felony. If you are founded guilty of a misdemeanor infraction, you face 364 days in county prison and a fine of approximately $6,000. If, however, you are found guilty of felony domestic violence, the fine is still about $6000, but the period of incarceration is two to four years in state prison.

Plus, your sentence might be increased if the allegations involve sex crimes, a weapon, or resulted in significant physical injury to the victim.

So, is domestic violence a felony? The answer is, “It depends.” If you are charged with a felony offense, your California domestic violence lawyer will advocate to have your charges dropped or reduced.

Understanding the Law on California Domestic Violence

According to California domestic violence laws, police officers have the authority to arrest a suspect for domestic violence even if the alleged victims deny they were harmed. This is due to the belief that victims might be too scared to file charges or that they might lie to protect the assaulter and the reputation of the family. They may even feel they deserved the abuse.

Contact a California Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are arrested for abuse in the home, you need to establish a robust legal defense with the assistance of an aggressive California domestic violence lawyer. If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic violence, a criminal defense lawyer like Mr. Griffin will assess your case, weigh the evidence, and plan a strong defense strategy.

The California district attorney takes domestic violence claims seriously, and sometimes, the charges against an individual can be false. Without the right California domestic violence lawyer, you may suffer long-term consequences for a criminal activity you didn’t commit. Contact us for a free consultation.

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