At the Griffin Law Office, APC, our San Diego criminal defense attorney knows the far-reaching penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction in California.

Unfortunately, these charges can lead to significant professional, personal, and social consequences too.

The implications of a domestic violence arrest and charges have on the accused can lead to the inability to find a job — or keep the one he or she already has.

Here is what Californians need to know about their pending domestic violence charges, and how current or future employers can legally respond to the charges.

How Can a California Domestic Violence Charge Affect My Employment?

Both federal and state employment laws protect workers from unfair discrimination.

However, individuals who have been charged with domestic violence — or potentially any other crime — do not qualify as a protected class.

That means a California employer may fire you for the crime, especially in certain professions, even if you have not been convicted.

Not only can you be fired for these allegations, but a conviction will appear on a criminal background check, which can hinder your chances of getting another job.

This means that the best way to protect and preserve your rights if someone is accusing you of domestic violence is to work closely with a San Diego County domestic violence defense attorney.

Should I Tell My Employer About My California Domestic Violence Charges?

In some professions, including law enforcement, government employees, healthcare careers, and teachers may be required to tell their employers about any arrests.

For everyone else, the employer may never know about the arrest unless or until it requires the accused to take time away from work for court proceedings and other legal matters.

Should you need to invest a significant amount of time in your legal situation, it may be best to tell your employer about the criminal charges. However, unless you are required to do so, that is a unique and personal decision.

At the Griffin Law Office, our skilled San Diego domestic violence defense lawyer is not an employment lawyer. However, we can help you face your charges with confidence by creating an exacting legal strategy that produces actual results, so you can plan your professional strategy more clearly.

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