San Diego Fraud Lawyer

White-collar crime is a serious issue with long-reaching consequences, but with the help of a San Diego fraud lawyer, you may be able to retain your status and your life.

Most people believe they will live a peaceful life without being accused of white-collar crime. The truth is, San Diego lawyers for fraud cases are often hired by people who believe they did nothing illegal. Although some people who are charged with committing fraud realize they are engaging in illegal activities, many people have no idea they are breaking the law when they are perpetuating this crime.

Not only do district attorneys have discretion in determining which fraud cases to pursue, but victims might bring a lawsuit in civil court, as well. Regardless of whether you feel you did nothing illegal, innocence will not necessarily ensure you receive a verdict of “not guilty.” A San Diego fraud lawyer with an exceptional reputation, such as Patrick Griffin of the Griffin Law Office, can improve your chances in court.

What Constitutes Fraud?

While criminal fraud has a variety of forms that can manifest in many different ways, for the state of California, fraud occurs anytime someone represents as factual information that is actually false, misleading, or requires concealment.

If you commit an act that unfairly provides an advantage for yourself over another or causes another financial harm, you have committed fraud, whether this was entirely intentional or not. Generally, these acts are driven by the desire for financial gain and/or the wish to escape criminal responsibility. 

There are a variety of deceptive acts that are punishable by law. Some of these are obvious, and others are not. Since the lines may seem a bit vague, consulting a San Diego fraud lawyer with experience in the criminal defense of theft of all types will be able to clarify the parameters for you.

White Collar Crime Attorneys in San Diego

Whether you made a few errors in judgment or were temporarily taking advantage of a situation, you may be shocked when you realize that you need to seek out a white-collar crime attorney in San Diego. Fortunately, there is a range of legal defenses that a San Diego fraud lawyer can use on your behalf. A few of the most typical consist of, but are not restricted to:

  • You had no deceitful intent, and you are innocent
  • You were falsely identified
  • You were entrapped or forced to commit the acts

If you have been arrested for committing fraud, it is vital that you immediately begin preparing your defense. Contact us for skilled and thorough representation. 


White Collar Crime A-Z

To find the best attorney for your case, do your research and read testimonials of the law firm’s prior clients. They may be able to develop a strategy that will reduce your charges, minimize your sentence, or even get your case dismissed. If you are convicted, a San Diego fraud lawyer may be able to help you eventually clear your record. This will allow you to continue your life as though this never happened.