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There are few things in life more frightening than being charged with a sexual offense. The consequences in San Diego and throughout the country are exceptionally severe, while also bringing serious social stigma.

Unlike many other criminal charges, a sex offense charge, or even just an accusation, can cause complete strangers, as well as colleagues, friends, and relatives, to believe that you are guilty prior to you have even entered a courtroom. When it feels like the whole world has turned against you, you need a passionate attorney who will strongly stand by your side.

At the Griffin Law Office, we operate under the notion that you are innocent until proven guilty. As criminal defense lawyers, we firmly believe that it is our obligation to hold the prosecution responsible for the burden of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt.

When the stakes are this high, working with a trusted sex crime lawyer San Diego should be your top priority.

A San Diego Sex Crime Lawyer Explains: Sex Crimes A-Z

Sex crimes can include anything from a misdemeanor such as indecent exposure to a violent felony. Our sex abuse attorney San Diego represents individuals charged with the following sex offenses:


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When you have been charged with a sex crime, retaining a lawyer who has a clear understanding of the effects of a sex crime conviction is essential to securing your rights and your freedom. Courts and prosecutors take sex crime charges extremely seriously, and it is vital that you do, too.

Sex offense convictions bring harsh social and legal consequences, including lifelong sex offender registration pursuant to California’s Megan’s Law. Simply being accused, not to mention found guilty, of a sex crime can be enough to completely damage your career and your reputation.

If you are dealing with charges for a sex offense in San Diego, know that you have a voice and a right to speak your truth. Sex crime lawyer San Diego Patrick Griffin will work to ensure that the prosecution is notified of any evidence in your favor and seek a dismissal of your charges before they are filed. If your case is taken to trial, you can feel confident knowing that Mr. Griffin is prepared for court and will aggressively combat any claims from the prosecution.

Do not attempt to deal with sex criminal offense charges by yourself. Contact us today to begin constructing a strong defense strategy.