Expungement Attorneys in San Diego

Having a criminal record significantly limits your rights, and Expungement San Diego can give your life back. Learn the facts about expungement here.

What Is Expungement San Diego?

While the majority of people think an expungement totally removes a criminal record, an expungement San Diego actually allows you to deny ever having had a conviction in your past. A new court record entry will indicate your case was dismissed, thereby releasing you from the penalties and liabilities of your criminal offense.

Basically, a petition for expungement requests that the court does the following:

  • Open your old case 
  • Withdraw the plea of guilty
  • Replace that with a permanent plea of “not guilty”
  • Then, dismiss the charges 

To accomplish this, you need to submit the proper forms with supporting documents proving you are an upstanding, rehabilitated citizen. Although you may be required to attend a hearing, the Griffin Law Office may be able to submit a motion that results in an expungement San Diego without you appearing in court.

Although a misdemeanor expungement might occur more quickly, it typically takes a minimum of eight to ten weeks for the court to make a decision about clearing your record. If it is dismissed, the case will be closed, and your criminal record will no longer show the conviction. 

Whether you have a felony or misdemeanor that you would like expunged, contact us at the Griffin Law Office for answers and advice regarding expungement San Diego.

San Diego Expungement Lawyer Explains: Clearing your Record A-Z

Although a Petition for Factual Innocence should be submitted within two years of your arrest, a San Diego expungement lawyer explains how to clear your record.

If you do not qualify for an expungement San Diego, you might contact a criminal defense center specializing in drug crimes or crimes of violence to determine whether a pardon or clemency is an option. While clemency decreases your criminal charges but does not clear your record, a pardon forgives the offense but leaves it on your record. An expert criminal attorney can help you navigate the complex legal issues, as you attempt to regain your rights and your life.