Criminal Defense Attorney in El Cajon, California

Leading Criminal Defense Lawyers in El Cajon, California

At the Griffin Law Office, APC, our criminal defense attorney in El Cajon works tirelessly with our experienced support staff to produce real results for real people who are in real trouble.

We understand that criminal charges are life changing, whether you have been accused of something as serious as a sex crime or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and are now facing serious allegations of committing a crime.

Our skilled San Diego County criminal defense lawyer, Patrick Griffin, provides our California clients with confidence by addressing each of their questions, concerns, anxieties, and doubts with a focus on doing more than winning their cases but clearing their names.

Learn more about how our knowledgeable El Cajon criminal defense lawyer can help you by contacting us today, so you do not have to face the unknown alone.

Griffin Law Office, APC: Skilled El Cajon Criminal Defense Attorney Practice Areas

At the Griffin Law Office, APC, our accomplished criminal defense lawyer in El Cajon understands when your very freedom is at stake, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney who is trusted to produce tangible results inside and outside the courtroom. That is what we provide.

Our dedicated criminal defense lawyer in El Cajon represents clients in the following practice areas:

Our dedicated El Cajon criminal lawyer develops customized legal defense strategies for each of our client’s unique needs, so they can pursue justice with confidence.

Experienced El Cajon Assault & Battery Defense Attorneys Who Produce Results

Assault and battery charges range from verbal confrontations to physical attacks, sexual offenses, and aggravated charges that carry serious penalties, including fines and jail time.

If you have been charged with assaulting someone and are unsure how these charges are going to affect your future, contact our skilled criminal defense lawyer in El Cajon today to learn more about your legal rights and options, so we can help build a strong defense and put these charges behind you.

Leading Sex Crimes Lawyer in El Cajon, California

At the Griffin Law Office, APC, our experienced sex crimes attorneys in El Cajon know how being accused of or charged with sexual abuse of any kind is life changing.

While all defendants have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, sex crime allegations often lead to the opposite, which can ruin our client’s life before all the facts have been heard.

You do not have to face these charges alone, or fear that your career, family, reputation, and integrity are already compromised. We believe in pursuing justice for each of our clients, and those who are accused of sex crimes in California need our precise legal experience to help clear their names, so they can take back control of their lives.

Contact our skilled sex crimes attorney in El Cajon today to learn how we can help you get your life back.

Experienced Theft & Burglary Attorneys in El Cajon, California

Theft, burglary, and robbery charges in California come with severe consequences, and the penalties for each misdemeanor, wobbler — which means the District Attorney’s Office has the discretion whether to file misdemeanor or felony charges — or felony can lead to the offender losing their freedom.

At the Griffin Law Office, APC, our dedicated theft, burglary, and robbery defense attorneys know that to convict our clients of a crime, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and it is our job to ensure they cannot, so our clients can get their lives back.

Call us today to discuss the facts of your case, so together we can get ahead of your charges and begin building a strategic defense on your behalf.

Contact Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in El Cajon, California at the Griffin Law Office Today to Discuss Your Case

At the Griffin Law Firm, APC, our dedicated criminal defense lawyers takes pride in producing positive results for each of our clients, because at the end of the day — this is your life we are talking about.

Our talented attorney provides the trust, skill, and courtroom flair our clients need to pursue actual results.

We have managed over 1,000 criminal defense cases in El Cajon County and have an extensive list of satisfied clients. We take cases to trial when necessary and we litigate every issue. The key to winning a criminal defense case is to leave no stone unturned and to explore every option.

That is who we are.

Contact our skilled El Cajon criminal defense attorney to learn more about your legal rights, the best way to minimize your damages, and how we accomplish favorable outcomes for each of our client’s unique needs by calling 619-269-2131 to discuss the details of your case today. Do not leave your future to chance. We can help.

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