San Diego Drug Lawyer

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San Diego Drug Lawyer

Drug offenses are among the most commonly prosecuted crimes in California and make up a significant portion of criminal cases in Federal courts. At the Griffin Law Office, our San Diego drug lawyer zealously safeguards his clients against drug charges of every type, ranging from possession to large-scale drug trafficking.

As a skilled San Diego drug lawyer, Patrick Griffin uses his insight and comprehensive experience in criminal law to firmly defend his clients. His extensive understanding of both sides of the criminal justice system arms him with the distinct capability to anticipate and prepare for the prosecution’s case.

Why Hire a San Diego Drug Crimes Attorney?

The repercussions of a drug conviction vary greatly, from probation to prolonged jail sentences, depending upon the type and amount of drugs, the drug crime that you are being charged with, and your criminal history. No matter what type of drug charge you are up against, you need a knowledgeable San Diego drug crimes attorney on your side to help develop a strong defense in your favor. 

Our firm begins negotiations with the prosecution as quickly as possible to help lessen or eliminate the effects of criminal charges. For this to occur, however, you need to act quickly. With so much at stake, there is no time to waste.

A San Diego Drug Attorney Explains: Drug Crimes A-Z

The term “drug crime” is utilized to prosecute several different types of criminal cases which all share one main component: the alleged involvement of illicit drugs. With so many different cases falling under one broad classification of criminal offenses, providing a customized defense requires an extensive understanding of the continuously changing drug laws in California.

At the fundamental level, drug crimes generally fall under the following categories:

Contact a San Diego Drug Crime Lawyer

At the Griffin Law Office, we know drug law. Our firm stays up-to-date by keeping up with law modifications and by defending clients against drug charges week in and week out. We likewise understand that substance abuse often has much deeper causes that the prosecution is not likely to consider unless they are exposed and brought to the court’s attention.

If you have been charged with a drug crime in San Diego, California, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Presuming the case can not be beaten outright, alternative sentencing for drug crimes might be possible, so don’t hesitate to seek the aggressive representation you deserve today.