Federal Drug Conspiracy- Case Dismissed

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Big news from the federal court! A client approached the Griffin Law Office, APC because his prior attorney was encouraging him to accept a 37-month prison offer on a drug conspiracy case. Once the Griffin Law Office assumed the case, attorneys noticed that the evidence didn’t add up.

Although entrapment frequently occurs on television and in movies, it’s not a defense rarely seen in the real world. What our firm’s investigation turned up resulted in a dismissal of the entire case due to the entrapment by a confidential informant (CI) and her undercover agent handler.

The CI was engaged to a guy that will be referred to as “John Doe.” John happened to be a drug dealer, but somehow, he never got arrested. The Firm speculated that this was due to his fiancé being a CI.

The CI contacted the client and stated that her friend (the agent) wanted to buy drugs. The client asked why she didn’t just call her fiancé and known drug dealer, John. To which the CI responded that it was impossible because he would get mad at her for hanging out with her ex. Being a nice guy, our client reluctantly agrees to help by going to John’s house to pick up drugs from John to sell to the CI’s “friend,” a.k.a. agent.

Phone records backed all this up. Our client showed up to CI’s house where she was with the undercover agent who was wearing audio/video equipment. He handed the drugs from John over to the agent and left.

A state and federal task force then surveilled our client for eight months and found nothing, because he wasn’t a drug dealer. Eight months after the setup, he was indicted in federal court. But full credit to the prosecutor on this one. Once San Diego Drug Lawyer Patrick Griffin convinced him what took place, he was equally offended with the CI’s scheme. He did the right thing and dismissed the case before trial.

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