Felony Arson, Felony Burglary, and Vandalism of Business in Downtown San Diego: Probation and No Jail Time

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A client in the Marine Corps went to the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego for a belated celebration of his recent twenty-first birthday. He had been in Marine Corps training during the date of his actual birthday. The client drank heavily for the twenty-first birthday celebrations and, unfortunately, drank to the point of blacking out. Then, the client entered a local restaurant’s kitchen after the business had closed and proceeded to start small fires throughout.

The client also damaged some drinking glasses while venturing through the restaurant. The fires were contained to a small area of the kitchen and were controlled by the sprinkler system and the San Diego Fire Department.

The client was arrested for allegedly violating:

The Griffin Law Office proved to the court and the District Attorney’s Office that the client was a law-abiding Marine prior to this incident, that this incident was a one-time occurrence, and that the Client was not likely to re-offend. The client was facing serious jail time, dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps, a felony record at 21 years old, and significant restitution fines for damage. With diligent legal work from Griffin Law Office, the client received only formal probation with restitution payments, avoiding any jail time in San Diego county jail.