The New California Bail Law Reform- How This Affects Your Loved Ones

Oct 31, 2018 | California Law, News

102F312F18 The New CA Bail Law Reform How This Affects Your Loved Ones

What the End of Cash Bail Means

Under the old cash bail system, which remained virtually unchanged until late August, a person accused of wrongdoing gets brought before a judge. During this time, the judge informs them of the charges against them and sets bail at specified cash value. The purpose of the cash bail stands to ensure that accused persons appear for trial when released from jail.

The new bail law reform, Senate Bill 10, signed by Governor Jerry Brown, eliminates this cash-based system and replaces it with a risk assessment process. The new “risk assessments” use different determinants to decide how likely the defendant is to flee before the trial begins.

Those accused of misdemeanor crimes or “low risk” felonies are likely to be released, while those who are believed to be “medium” or “high risk” may still be preventatively detained. While this risk assessment system has already shown to have its shortcomings and has required more judicial overhead, many people agree that the end of cash bail and the for-profit bail loan industry been long overdue in California.

Bail money can pose a severe financial burden and cause significant disruption in everyday life, especially for low-income individuals. Many social justice advocates have hailed the end of this system that has put such undue hardship on defendants and their loved ones. Thanks to CA’s bail law reform, families of the accused are now protected against the predatory bail bond industry and will no longer have to risk going into debt only to get a child, parent or another relative out of jail.

Reducing California’s pretrial jail population will also help keep families together and reduce the social costs that come from disrupting a person’s ability to maintain their income or housing. Furthermore, by freeing up space in the jail system for potentially higher-risk offenders, this reform will help to keep all Californian families safer.


Finding a San Diego Attorney to Help You Through the Pretrial Process

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