Assault w/ Great Bodily Injury – Felony Charges Dismissed, Reduced to Misdemeanor

May 23, 2023 | Recent Wins

  • Our client was accused of punching an individual in the face during a verbal group argument outside of a brewery in Chula Vista, CA.
  • The resulting injury raised the gravity of the situation, with a felony charge threatening to irreversibly alter our client’s life and military career.
  • Our client faced military discharge and significant jail time.
  • Our aim was to present a clear and compelling narrative that would highlight the mitigating factors surrounding the incident, such as self-defense or the absence of malicious intent.
  • Our goal was to demonstrate that the actions of our client, though regrettable, did not warrant the severity of a felony charge, prison time, or military separation.
  • Through our unwavering dedication and strategic defense tactics, we achieved a significant victory for our client.
  • The charges were ultimately reduced from a felony to a simple battery misdemeanor, resulting in a significantly lighter sentence.
  • This outcome not only spared our client from the devastating consequences of a felony conviction but also protected his military career.