When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When should I hire a criminal defense attorney?” is a common question from those facing criminal charges. Get the answers here from the Griffin Law Office.

Benefits of Immediately Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

After a criminal investigation has begun, the first thing a criminal defense attorney will do is develop a wall of separation between the suspect and the investigators.

All too often, a suspect does irreversible damage to his or her case prior to ever seeking advice from a lawyer by falsely believing that they’re smooth enough to talk their way out of their charges. The issue with this technique is that law enforcement investigators are highly trained in the art of interrogation. With this, they can easily catch a suspect unintentionally making inconsistent statements or displaying non-verbal signs of deception.

While exercising your right to remain silent should, in theory, be a safe workaround to this, law enforcement officers tend to view an unrepresented suspect’s silence as an indication of guilt. In the early stages of an investigation, this perception can influence law enforcement’s decision whether to charge you with a crime and what to charge you with. On the contrary, when a lawyer encourages his or her client to remain silent, law enforcement generally sees this as a standard procedure instead of any indication of guilt.

Additionally, when you have a defense lawyer by your side early on in your case, he or she may be able to negotiate a lower initial charge with the prosecutor’s office or law enforcement detective. These initial charges will play a significant role in the plea deals after the charges have been submitted. Ultimately, the less severe the preliminary charges, the better your final outcome will be. Even better, in some cases, a skilled defense lawyer can successfully argue for no charges to be submitted at all.

Contact the Griffin Law Office as Soon as Possible

Perhaps most importantly, hiring a criminal defense attorney early in the development of your case will better your chances of building a successful defense strategy. The sooner you hire a criminal defense lawyer, the more time he or she will have to gather evidence, construct a strong defense in your favor, and begin fighting for your rights, freedom, and future.

Whether you’ve been issued a warrant, are facing an investigation, or have already been arrested, the time to hire a criminal defense attorney is now. Time is of the essence, and our attorneys are ready to begin working on your case. If you’re ready to have San Diego’s top-rated criminal law firm in your corner, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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