Investigator Brandon Becker

Investigator Brandon Becker grew up locally in San Diego where he first took interest in criminal just while studying criminal justice at Southwestern College. Mr. Becker then graduated from the Southwestern College Police Academy, becoming an active duty police officer for Grossmont-Cuyamaca College and eventually joining Chula Vista Police Department. With the Chula Vista Police Department, Mr. Becker was awarded the Proactive Narcotics Officer award four times during his work and was also awarded the Auto Theft Award with the department. Mr. Becker has been recognized for his substantial police work numerous times during his career, including recognition from former Captain Lenard Miranda for his quick action to apprehending four armed robbery suspects, saving the life an injured female from a traffic collision, and was commended by Congressman Bob Filner on his efforts towards his Proactive Narcotics Enforcement work.

After numerous influential years with the Chula Vista Police Department, Mr. Becker became a private investigator, creating Becker and Becker Investigations that he has owned and operated since 2012. Mr. Becker currently performs criminal investigations, surveillance investigations, prescription drug investigation, witness locations, and interviews as well as much more. Mr. Becker is incredibly advanced in interview and interrogation techniques, expert court testimony for numerous types of cases, and evidence processing.

Mr. Becker owns and operates Becker & Becker Investigations. Becker & Becker Investigations is a full-service private investigations company dedicated to serving San Diego & the Southern California area.


  • Southwestern College, Criminal Justice
  • Southwestern College Police Academy


  • Drug and Alcohol Influence Recognition Course (DAR)
  • Firearms Laser Training
  • Regional Officer Training (San Diego)
  • Department of Justice Dignitary Security and Protection School
  • Social Media Expert
  • Criminal Defense Investigations (State and Federal)
  • Bail Agent Training
  • CA Licensed Investigator: #27823
  • CA Licensed Process Server: #1971



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  • Adair

    Well first of let me start with patrick is number 1 ! He is so motivated in his type of work and very great energy best he is staight forward and 100% real . He wont let you down . In my case that really me and my family thought it be some years witch normally would have but with the help and support of patrick things went well especially with me not having the best record a person can have.i ended up with a brace and probation didnt expect it at all i was expecting some prison time but with patrick and faith we got blessed . Samantha is such great help anything you need thats for your case she gets it done right away . And with patrick so bussy he has good support on his side (Samantha) Thanks patrick and samantha for everything . You guys are fantastic. I highly recommend the GRIFFIN LAW OFFICE #1 .💪

  • Roberto

    I recently had a case in riverside county where I was getting charged for domestic violence, entrapment, and other things. When really it was not anything like that at all, I was looking at 4+ years and when I denied that they tried to hit me with a 211 for taking her phone (which she denied ) and give me another strike on top of the two I already had with 20+yrs in prison. But after some awesome work and knowledgeable attorney magic Patrick griffin got me off on work release, DV classes, and probation DAMN GOOD JOB PATRICK!!! I love u Man U gave me a chance to prove I’m not just another statistic. I highly recommend him to anyone he’s worth every penny

  • Alberto

    Patrick and Samantha were very helpful and answered any question I had during one of the most difficult times in my life.

    Patrick was able to deal with everything and I never had to step a foot inside the courtroom.

    Thank god everything was resolved and I’m able to move forward.

  • Andrew

    If you’re looking for the best attorney in San Diego to fight your case, you need to hire Patrick Griffin asap. I was involved in a nightmare situation with an ex girlfriend and Griffin Law Office came to the rescue. When I ended the relationship with my ex and tried to move out she vandalized my property, changed the locks on the doors to our place (on moving day), and started fire selling my property/furniture online. I called the police to help me get my property back, and when they talked to my ex she lied to them about the entire situation. The police didn’t help me, they believed her and left. I felt hopeless, frustrated, and confused. I didn’t know what to do. I was referred to Griffin Law Office and I’m so grateful I found them. Patrick and Samantha (Paralegal) reassured me that what my ex was doing was illegal and we were going to get my property back. Patrick Griffin was professional, experienced, and caring. In the courtroom, he is an absolute beast! His performance at my court hearing was outstanding. He was able to get all of my property back! The judge ordered my ex to pay for the items she sold online, moving fees, and the property she vandalized.

    She also has to pay for my attorney fees. I am forever grateful for Patrick Griffin and Griffin Law office.
    I couldn't be happier with my experience! THANK YOU! I highly recommend them! And I really want to thank Samantha for her patience, hard work, and always keeping me updated with everything you’re amazing. Thank you again, I’m very happy and satisfied with the outcome

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