DUI and Resisting Arrest with Strike Priors – Felony Charges Dismissed, Reduced to Misdemeanor

May 24, 2023 | Recent Wins

  • Our client’s case revolved around a serious incident involving driving under the influence of alcohol and a subsequent altercation with law enforcement.
  • The ramifications of the charges were compounded by the fact that our client already had two strike priors and an extensive criminal history.
  • Client’s previous attorney suggested he take the initial plea offer of a daunting seven years in prison, a proposition that would have been difficult to turn down for most individuals in our client’s position.
  • However, our client refused to accept defeat and sought out the expertise of Griffin Law Office, APC to explore alternative options.
  • The recent triumph of Griffin Law Office, APC in securing a misdemeanor DUI offer for our client with strike priors and a significant criminal history demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing effective legal representation.