Our San Diego criminal defense attorney at the Griffin Law Office, APC, knows a criminal conviction in California can potentially jeopardize your professional license, depending on the nature of the crime and the licensing board or agency overseeing your profession.

Each licensing board or agency in California has its own rules and regulations regarding how criminal convictions are evaluated and what actions can be taken in response to such convictions.

Our San Diego County professional licensing defense attorney can help you get ahead of any potential criminal charges so your livelihood remains intact.

Here are some key points to consider.

Criminal Conviction in Professional License

Disclosure Requirements

Most licensing boards in California require licensees to disclose any criminal convictions or arrests within a specified time frame. Failing to disclose this information can lead to disciplinary actions.

Board Discretion

Many licensing boards have the discretion to evaluate the impact of a criminal conviction on a case-by-case basis. They consider factors like the type of crime, its relationship to the profession, and the individual’s rehabilitation efforts.

Criminal Convictions Relevant to the Profession

Certain professions have specific requirements and standards that applicants and licensees must meet. A criminal conviction directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the profession may raise more significant concerns.

Rehabilitation and Mitigation

In some cases, demonstrating rehabilitation efforts, like completing probation, participating in therapy or counseling, and maintaining a clean record for a certain period, can mitigate the impact of a criminal conviction on your professional license.

License Denial or Revocation

In more severe cases, a licensing board may deny an application for licensure or initiate proceedings to revoke an existing license if the criminal conviction is deemed severe or directly related to the profession.

Appeals and Legal Representation

If your professional license is at risk due to a criminal conviction, you have the right to appeal and the opportunity to present a defense. Our professional license defense lawyers can protect your rights and help you navigate the process effectively.

It is essential to understand the specific regulations and requirements of your licensing board or agency and to take appropriate action if you have a criminal conviction. This may include timely disclosure, providing evidence of rehabilitation, and seeking legal counsel when necessary.

We can help.

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