Child Molestation and Restraining Order: All Charges Dropped & Restraining Order Dismissed

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Mr. Griffin of Griffin Law Office, APC put an end to a yearlong nightmare for his client, a 26-year-old Navy hovercraft pilot who was wrongfully accused of sexually abusing his 4-year-old daughter. His client was deployed for the majority of the first two years of his daughter’s life.

He had been previously embroiled in a custody battle with his ex-wife, which concluded with the court ordering her to pay his child support. The victory enraged his ex-wife and her mother, motivating them to resort to the most disgusting tactic imaginable: coaching the then 3-year-old girl to say that her daddy molested her.

Despite multiple physical exams that found no signs of sexual abuse, these charges spawned multiple Child Welfare Services (CWS) investigations and a San Diego Police Department (SDPD) investigation. Consequently, the client was put through several tense interrogations and nearly kicked out of the Navy.

The ex-wife and her unethical lawyer proceeded to file a restraining order alleging sexual abuse, requesting that the client never be allowed to see his daughter again.

Mr. Griffin was subsequently hired to defend the restraining order and to handle the SDPD investigation.

The client passed two polygraphs, which were submitted to SDPD. The SDPD detective never took the time to dive into the facts of the case, and it was a constant battle to get him to realize what was going on. Luckily, the restraining order gave Mr. Griffin the opportunity for a full evidentiary hearing where he was able to cross-examine the ex-wife and the CWS workers.

The ex-wife’s testimony was one of the worst Mr. Griffin’s office has ever seen. Mr. Griffin expertly caught her in dozens of lies, causing her to and break down on the witness stand upon realizing her disgusting scheme had been exposed. Her mother-in-law was found to be the main culprit of the coaching, but it was clear the ex-wife and her lawyer were both complicit.

The restraining order was dismissed without Mr. Griffin having to present a single witness. The SDPD then closed its investigation after reading the transcript of the hearing. The ex-wife’s attorney’s egregious conduct prompted Mr. Griffin to file a motion for sanctions, as well as a motion for the ex-wife to pay his client’s attorney’s fees. The ensuing hearing marked another victory, with the judge blasting the attorney for her conduct and ordering her client to pay Mr. Griffin’s fees. After a year of suffering, Mr. Griffin’s client finally saw justice served, but he will never get his reputation back after this ordeal.