Battery causing GBI & Assault with a Deadly Weapon: CASE DISMISSED AT PRELIM

Assault & Battery, Recent Wins

A young man retained San Diego assault & battery attorney Mr. Griffin after he was arrested and charged with four felonies, including battery causing great bodily injury and assault with a deadly weapon.

The client had an incredible life story that was nearly derailed. He was a refugee from Somalia who moved to the United States as a teenager with his entire family. They were lucky enough to escape a war-torn area that likely would have cost his family their lives if they remained in Somalia. The client enrolled in high school and became a standout soccer star.

The client was with some friends at Mission Beach when a random man walked over to his group. The man punched the client’s friend in the face and then grabbed the chain off his neck. Several members of the group grabbed the man and proceeded to beat him up. The eyewitnesses interviewed by the police only saw the retaliation; they did not see the man walk up and steal the chain. The “victim” ended up spending several days in the hospital. The client, along with two of his friends, was arrested and charged with multiple strike felonies that carried up to 7 years in state prison.

These charges carried up to 7 years in state prison.

The “victim” told a story to the police that didn’t add up, including not being able to explain how the co-defendant’s chain ended up in his pocket. Mr. Griffin was also able to recover a video that showed the client did not participate in the fight. After pointing out all the discrepancies in the police reports and the credibility issues of the “victim,” the entire case was dismissed.