Assault w/ Great Bodily Injury – Felony Case Dismissed

May 24, 2023 | Recent Wins

  • Our client was accused of punching and knocking an individual unconscious during a confrontation in the downtown San Diego Gaslamp district.
  • The potential consequences were a prison sentence of up to six years, military discharge, and multiple felony strike convictions.
  • Mr. Griffin embarked on a comprehensive investigation, leaving no stone unturned, to gather evidence, analyze witness statements, and build a solid defense strategy.
  • At the Preliminary Hearing, during their testimony, Mr. Griffin caught the injured party and eyewitness with contradictory statements, leading the court to question whether there was enough evidence produced by the DA’s office to prosecute the client.
  • Mr. Griffin was able to cast doubt on their version of events, shifting the focus toward the complex circumstances surrounding the altercation.
  • The judge recognized that there was an obvious gap in evidence supporting the injured party’s allegations, leading her to dismiss the case entirely.