Patrick Griffin is first and foremost a trial attorney. The Griffin Law Office, APC takes pride in being on the cutting edge of trial advocacy techniques and trial technology. Our firm’s ability to litigate complex cases in a courtroom is the reason why we are successful. The keys to this success are preparation, skill, and unmatched legal training.

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Patrick Griffin


Award winning San Diego Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney Patrick Griffin was raised in a large family in a rural Montana community where he learned the value of hard work and perseverance. Mr. Griffin has won cases in every courthouse in San Diego County and has a long list of satisfied clients. Mr. Griffin has successfully defended cases ranging from first degree murder to driving under the influence. His success is based on the attention he gives to each and every client, his tireless work ethic and his knowledge of the San Diego court system. Mr. Griffin’s extensive criminal defense experience started at one of the nation’s top boutique criminal defense firms, Brown & Doherty, P.A. At Brown & Doherty, Mr. Griffin defended nearly every type of criminal case. Mr. Griffin authored numerous federal appeals, including an appeal from a capital murder trial where the federal appellate court vacated the sentence of two consecutive life terms and remanded the case to the trial court.

Mr. Griffin’s legal experience is not just limited to advocating for clients, he also completed a  federal  jud



  • I can’t thank Patrick enough. Seriously, I don’t think it’s possible. Where to start…First, I am not too thrilled about airing my saga on the internet but I feel that it’s important to get the word out about the care Patrick gave to my case. Let me begin by saying that I made quite the mistake and that’s how I got into this whole mess.

    Client- T.R.
  • What do you do when you find yourself on the other side of the law and you know you are innocent. What do you do? Well this happened to me and I was in shock that this was happening to me. The first thing you get is tons of junk mail from lawyers who promise really nothing. I decided to research Yelp! and I am glad I did.

    Client- L.S.
  • Patrick got my entire case dismissed! I was almost sure we would lose but I am glad that I listened when he told me that the case was winnable. He always called me back the same day, answered my emails in a quick and timely fashion, and kept me in the loop with everything pertaining to my case.

    Client: J.H.
  • My husband was referred to Patrick. We are SO thankful we found him! My husband had a case against him where he potentially could have paid big fines or penalties, but Patrick basically got the entire cased dismissed. Everyone else involved in the case had to plead guilty! He worked aggressively.

    Client: W.Z.
  • A few months ago I was asked by a friend for the name of a lawyer who handles DUI’s in San Diego. As a fellow attorney in San Diego I have many lawyer names in my rolodex who handle such cases, but I thought Patrick would be the best “fit” for my friend.

    Alex Dychter, Employment Law Attorney
  • Patrick Griffin is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer, who knows both the legal intricacies and interpersonal dynamics of criminal matters essential to mounting a successful defense. Mr. Griffin is a consummate professional, who acts with civility and integrity while achieving the best outcome for his clients.

    Kevin Murphy, Administrative Law Attorney
  • Patrick was great! I hired Mr. Griffin after a friend referred me to him. I met with a few older attorneys who all treated me like another file before I decided to hire Patrick. He was great from the start… he knows his stuff and is a great communicator, both with me and when he is in court.

    Client: C.J.
  • Patrick has everything it takes to be a preeminent lawyer in the field of criminal law. He has the academic skills that he exhibited on several successful appeals to the 11th Circuit but he also has the honesty and integrity that are indispensable to a criminal practitioner. His ease in dealing with people is not lost on jurors.

    Patrick Doherty, Criminal Defense Attorney
  • I was arrested for a DUI with a really high breath test. I didn’t want to hire an attorney because I thought that I would be guilty no matter what and it seemed like a waste of money. I have a 9-5 job in Orange county and I knew that going to court all the time would be a pain so I decided to hire Patrick.

    Client: C.G.
  • Patrick helped with my DUI, and pulled off a wet and reckless for me when the odds were stacked against me. His professionalism is not to be questioned, he made sure I was tended to every step of the way, and was not only proactive throughout my entire ordeal, but reactive in helping address my concerns at virtually any hour of the day.

    Client- A.K.
  • Patrick Griffin is, hands down, the most vigorous, aggressive, and approachable, criminal defense attorney I’ve ever met. I had a simple accidental misfire of my handgun, while about to clean it in my house. Cops were called, and I explained everything that happened.

    Client: D.B.
  • Patrick has been by far the most helpful lawyer. I was pulled over by a officer for ”J” walking, and being under the influence. Once I was in the holding cell I was involved in a physical altercation where I was than charged for assault.

    Client: W.C.

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