Recent Win for Military Member Who Was Facing Discharge and Jail Time

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Charge: Assault w/ Great Bodily Injury (PC § 245(a)(4))

Result: Felony Charges Dismissed, Reduced to Misdemeanor

Our client, a proud member of the U.S. Armed Forces, was accused of punching an individual in the face during a verbal group argument outside of a brewery in Chula Vista, CA.

The resulting injury the individual sustained raised the gravity of the situation, with a felony charge threatening to irreversibly alter our client’s life and military career, as our client faced military discharge and significant jail time.

As experienced San Diego defense attorneys, our law firm proudly represents military members through California, because we understand what a criminal conviction means to our clients. Our aim was to present a clear and compelling narrative that would highlight the mitigating factors surrounding the incident, including self-defense or the absence of malicious intent.

Our goal was to demonstrate that the actions of our client, though regrettable, did not warrant the severity of a felony charge, prison time, or military separation.

Through our unwavering dedication and strategic defense tactics, we achieved a significant victory for our client.

The charges were ultimately reduced from a felony to a simple battery misdemeanor, resulting in a significantly lighter sentence.

This outcome not only spared our client from the devastating consequences of a felony conviction but also protected his military career.